The racing tradition at Lindy Farms was started by Guy “Sonny” Antonacci and several cousins. As residents of Long Island, Sonny and his cousins, Frank and Tommy Antonacci, and Fred, Frank, Leo, and Joseph Lomangino loved attending the races at Roosevelt Raceway. It was not long until the group of cousins bought their first racehorse together. In 1967, the exuberant group of cousins bought a horse named Galahad Hanover. Galahad Hanover would be renamed shortly thereafter to Lindy’s Pride. As fate would have it, Lindy’s Pride would go on to not only win the Hambletonian, but also the illustrious trotting Triple Crown. Throughout the next 45 years, these cousins would continue to contribute and participate in the sport. Sonny Antonacci relocated to Somers, CT in 1972 and established Lindy Farms of CT. As founder and owner of Lindy Farms of CT, the late Sonny Antonacci was a visionary in regards to breeding Standardbred racehorses. He bred more Hambletonian horses than any other individual breeder. In 2001, Sonny, along with his cousin, Frank, were elected and inducted into the Harness Racing Hall of Fame’s Hall of Immortals.

The racing tradition has been continued by the next generations at Lindy Farms. Sonny’s two sons now run the racing and breeding farm that carries the Lindy banner. Frank and Jerry Antonacci have a great passion for the sport of Harness Racing and are actively involved in promoting the industry. Frank and Jerry have always sought to achieve excellence on and off the race track following in the tradition Sonny began in the early 1960’s. Frank Antonacci is a Director of the Hambletonian Society, which oversees the development, administration, and promotion of harness racing throughout the country. He is also a Director of the United States Trotting Association, the governing body of the entire domestic industry.

The youngest generation of Antonacci’s is also proudly involved in harness racing and carry on the Lindy tradition. Guy, Sara, Matthew, Philip, Christopher and Frank M. are all active participants in the game. Frank M. Antonacci, the head trainer of Lindy Racing Stable, has gained quick recognition as one of the best in the country, winning the United States Trotting Association’s “Breakthrough Award” in 2010.

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