Through all the years and growth, Lindy Farms has remained staunchly committed to its mission.

  • Breed and raise the highest quality foals using the best practices of the industry.
  • Find, breed, and sell racehorses that can compete with horses all across the country and world.
  • Apply generational forward thinking in the breeding industry, so that the Standardbred horse itself will progress.
  • Maintain the highest standards in care, maintenance, and health for the farm’s horses and facilities.
  • Employ industry-leading professionals and provide the farm’s 40+ employees with excellent workplace conditions.
  • Encourage sustainable practices whenever there are opportunities to do so.

For the last 50 years, Lindy Farms of Connecticut has been committed to these principles and the Standardbred racing industry as a whole. Annually, Lindy Farms of Connecticut renews this commitment when its trainers and farm managers, travel throughout the country and purchase colts and fillies of the highest quality to add to the breeding operations here in Connecticut upon conclusion of their racing careers. Lindy Farms of CT prides itself on maintaining a highly current broodmare band consistent with industry trends, yet also distinguishes itself in regards to its breeding strategies and preferences creating a uniquely desirable foal as an end product. Lindy Farms of CT has shown throughout the last half century that this commitment and approach to the breeding of Standardbreds does indeed succeed.

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